[P] TECHNIKART - 16/06/08 "Is it necessary to save the soldier Doré?"

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TECHNIKART – 16/06/08Is it necessary to save the soldier Doré?

With Ersatz, his first solo album released on Monday, June 16th, Julien Doré signs an album completely in the sight of time. That is damn boring enough. Conscious that behind each artist hides a man sometimes more complex than his media image, Sylvain Fesson went to poll the personality of the pet of the Nouvelle Star 2007. Assessment? Ouch...

In the alder of its charismatic and nutty performances in TV show of 6, we could only believe in the future of the soldier Doré: with his Fine Artist rocker's culture the one who blew up "Lolita of Alizée" in prime-time, it was a little us, we said. We thus waited for the release of his first album planned by June 16th as we waited for Sebastien Tellier's performance in the Eurovision on May 24th in the evening: with a certain impatience. But here is, the author of " The ritournelle " messed up and Ersatz, Julien Doré's album, disappointed us: too much calculated variety, too clean and too much nowhere due to wanting to be everywhere. And then humanely Doré, it is a little a disaster: too much aware and full of himself the guy. Would the temptation of the spé-popu cross-over have reached its limits there? Interview.

Technikart: the first time when we met and when we spoke, it was end of January on the occasion of the press conference of launch of the 6th season of the Nouvelle Star. While you were in height period of recording of your first album which comes out in mid-June, you had all the same come present us 4 pieces solo.

Julien Doré: I am very satisfied to have participated in this broadcast and to have worked with all these people whom I was finally able to see again this evening, but in itself this concert had not much sense. I was not prepared, in more most of the pieces which I played do not finally appear in the album. But it doesn't matter, it was cool all the same

Technikart : There, how do you feel to have finished your disk and to be able to speak about music, your music ?

Julien Doré: that allows me to be more light with the second degree.

Technikart: Do you want to be more light on the second degree?

Julien Doré: yes, I want to be a little simpler, because my songs speak themselves and came to me simply. I thus find again values which were mine and that I had until then little put emphasize.

Technikart: when you were to the Nouvelle Star, you indeed bet a lot on the second degree, the gap. That gave a certain image of you. Do you feel slave with it today?

Julien Doré: in the time, it was necessary because it was about covers. To suit them to me, I had to play the card of the diversion. Besides, after the broadcast, I was almost everywhere invited to talk of this and that while I had still produced nothing thus to take all the same some pleasure there, I had to play it cool, to show spirit. That amused me. I'm going to go again in TV moreover. That always amuses me. The big difference now that there is my disk, it is that there will be subject to be discussed, that we find it great or shit.

Technikart: the concern, I think, it is that people doubtless became attached to Julien Doré talking crap, full of second degree. They are maybe going to become disenchanted by discovering the Julien Doré from Ersatz. Because globally on this disk, you show yourself rather first degree.

Julien Doré: What to say to you? That reflects simply what I write when I am alone. I may listen to Dutronc and Gainsbourg, it is not for that that it is which is going to go out when I take a paper, a pen and my guitar. It has been a long time since I wrote. There I recover there.

Technikart: on this disk you sign or sign jointly only 5 titles. You missed time to write it more?

Julien Doré: no, it is just that when you dream to work with Arno for a long time and he begins writing a text for you, you take advantage of it. Similar for Cocoon and David Scrima who wrote for me to each two titles. For example if Benjamin Biolay had come with 12 titles and that the 12 tore, we would maybe have made an album just with that.

Technikart: with the risk of ending with an album "Spanish Inn"?
Julien Doré: Frankly, I find that today amongst the disks which come out, "Spanish Inns", there is quite not enough. That pisses off me, it is music families in two francs. It is good to have Dylan's new album, but what that brings? 12 titles which tell the same story with the same sound. If it is an aesthetic way of behavior, it's great, but it's often a aestheticized way, and that pisses of me. I think thus today that the pop died. What I do, it is thus a kind of variety, but variety in the first sense of the term, that is the one who I like in the albums of Dutronc where he passes from the " Playboy of supermarket " to much deeper titles, a variety assumed and aware of the society and the industry of the disk in which I live. I do not want to stay in a small elitist circle in two francs just to please to Technikart's freelances.

Technikart: your knowledge of rocker stemming from Fine Art School marks you rather out to seduce the trendy but your label of broadcast icon stemming from the Nouvelle Star connects you with the general public. As a result, you find yourself to try a fussy cross-over. How to reconcile both?

Julien Doré: I make some music so that it is listened to. I really want to sell full of disks, to got money. Now what do I see today? Sebastien Tellier and Gonzales go to Fogiel to assume the hyper popular side of the singer of variety. But they make that by adorning themselves with a dressing gown or with dark glasses. They show that they want to remain hype. At the moment, Tellier would make an appearance in "Under the sun", everybody would find that brillant.

Technikart: Tellier does not do all the same the unanimity

Julien Doré: yes, there are people who are fed up by his attitude, because it is the guy who does not pretend. We propose him a great media coverage well, he is satisfied, he goes thoroughly. He is right, rather than to pretend to feel ill at ease. Gonzales pretends to feel ill at ease. He says: "I am a genius " and he comes to Fogiel in housecoat, by not stopping saying that he does not like "M"-while really he enjoy to sell so many albums as Mathieu Chédid and to be invited at Fogiel broacast. He does not really assume the variety. Now I, the French variety is a part of me, it is what educated me, I thus want to claim it completely. It is not because I read 2-3 things of Lautréamont that I'm going to make a position of it and accept just the interviews of Libération and Inrocks. I thus argue back to front by making outdo the mainstream on the underground.

Technikart: but your side " I claim so many Duchamp as Jean d' Ormesson ", that testifies of a nutty and finally rather conceited posture. It is necessary to have your culture to understand the signs which you manipulate. Isn't the general public going to find that too much wanker-intellectual? I mean if the spé-popu cross-over of Christophe Willem is passed easily it is because he had a beautiful voice, because he was sincerely music-loving and especially he was globally virgin of any artistic vision.

Julien Doré: effectively, I would have been able to make an album by surrounding me with Zazie and Obispo.

Technikart: But it was not your nature

Julien Doré: beyond the fact whether it is or not my nature, it is especially what I did not want to do. It is for that that I was afraid of being allowed contaminate by the consciousness of my potential public when I began to work on this disk. Later if I sell a lot of disks and people like the album I shall be the happiest guy of the world, but it is not for that that I am going to force myself to write songs which please NRJ. I don't care! What I wish, it's to touch my grandmother and my pals.

Technikart: your album presents a range of hyper varied songs. There is folk song, anti-folk song, néo-yéyé in Dutronc-Gainsbourg and some neo-western in Bashung-Christophe. Everybody can so find there his account that we imagine easily this album been cut in 2-3 titles in a playlist of iPod.

Julien Doré: why not? I I am rather satisfied with this mixture because it is my family. And that, we can say what we want about it but we cannot deprive it to me. It is not the fruit of a lego hype. It is more land art than that.

Technikart: at the same time Ersatz, the title of the disk, conveys the idea that you are conscious to make a product, something of little " fake "

Julien Doré: that means that I am aware of what means making the music today. That is today it is ridiculous to say that we are an absolute genius because there is no real creative freedom seen all the cultural inheritance which we have. Thus Here we are, it is good to masturbate by evoking the new albums of folk song, but all this was already made from years.

Technikart: but it is not because a kind of art or expression belongs to the past that it is necessary to refrain to resort to it, if we feel it like that …

Julien Doré: yes, but as for me, seen my experience and my age, I just say that I am conscious that there is an inheritance in my pieces, a heap of winks, of referencing. What I make is thus more a kind of ersatz or surrogate. And while being aware of that that we can rightly free ourself from it a little instead of aping of genius while we have it not in the least. That's why I chose this title. Moreover it already defined my artistic initiative when I was in Fine Art School. I worked on the position of the artist in the society. Today I thus try not be too much consumed by the mafia of elites. It is not easy because, sometimes, you want to be a part of it. Sometimes, I pretend thus a little.

Comment taken in by Sylvain Fesson
By Sylvain Fesson, On Monday the 16th of June 2008
Creative Commons License
Translation / Traduction by Lorelle
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