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ROCK MAG 84 – JANUARY 2008  
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Link to the interview 20 minutes from where Julien Doré’s quotes are extracted :

Report by Christophe

About the solo album :
The recording of Julien Doré's solo album will take place in January and February, 2008, the mixing and the mastering in March / April, for an release in May. He wants to separate his solo career and his band and the D.U.E. will not record with him. He said it, Julien would like to surround himself with artists such as Christophe or Bashung and we learn that these collaborations reach only the stage of talking.
Soundwise, the singer entrusts us to want to surprise the public. This 1st opus could, according to him, be determinedly folk, intimist. Some titles more rock too are going to become integrated. A tour will be born in September … Faithful to himself, Julien negotiates to play only if Dig Up Elvis does a tour in small audience to show their ability.

Julien Doré in some points :

  • Born the 7th of july, 1982 in Arles (13), studies at Lunel (34)
  • Great-great-grandnephew of Gustave Doré, illustrator of the 19th century
  • Bac L. Then student at the Fine Art School of Nîmes
  • 2002, he founds the Dig Up Elvis band
  • 2006, he founds the Jean d’Ormesson Disco Suicide band
  • June 2007, winner of the broadcast “La Nouvelle Star” and recording of the single Lolita
  • Elected the sexiest man of the year by the magazine “Elle”, in front of Justin Timberlake and Jude Law
  • October 2007, 8 pages interview in Playboy magazine
  • He was tattooed the name of his 2 bands on his arms
He said it :"I am the opposite of what we say. I think to have a good manners and have nothing uncontrolled [_] And, you know, the rebellion on the television … There is a difference between The Clash and Michael Youn." - 20 minutes"I have no respect for my body. I note things on me. Not to forget. It is as post-it." – Playboy" I am afraid [] of pressures of the big record companies which want that we supply something very quickly. While my dream, it is rather to go to an independent label to make something of underground, if this word still wants to say something today. " – 20 minutes

(Fine) Arts’Rock

No, Elvis is not died, and a happy band of pals dig him up just for us. The Dig Up Elvis burst into the Parisian stage after having skimmed through Belgium, its adoptive country.
350.000 visits on the page Myspace, a tour in Belgium with Sharko and the band builds up to itself little by little its fans' network. Taken by a certain Julian Goldy's voice, the quintet of Nimes is determinated well to make speak about him.
Meeting be taken on November 27th, it is 4 pm and we have to join them in the 16th, to the Museum of modern art. Not really the kind of place where we expect to see a rock band. But the D.U.E. is full of surprises. This evening, the concert is staged by Thomas Lélu within the framework of the exhibition Playback. Back to a concert in the looks of performances.

Tuesday, november the 27th :
In the Museum of modern art, walls tremble, Dig Up is in height sound check. In the center, we perceive Julian Goldy, more known under the name of Julien Doré, who raises a T-shirt " I regret nothing. " each one can do his interpretation.
The musicians have trouble hearing themselves in the speakers and the sound check go on indefinitely. One hour and half later, Dig Up finishes it finally and go to a conference room which will act as changing room. The band knows since the period of the Fine art school. In 2002, they decide to found Dig Up Elvis band and begin to go through the bars of the Nimes region. At the beginning of 2006, Julien Doré and Guillaume de Molina (guitarist of Dig Up) are the inspirators of the project The Jean of Ormesson Disco Suicide, with which they do cover versions of disco period's hits, reworked in their ways.
Linsay ( 2nd voice) settles down in front of the make-up woman for a short session of make up. During this time, Julien Goldy, him, takes place in the hands of the hairdresser.
Tonight, the band will do an a little bit particular performance, the subject being in fact a performance of the artist Thomas Lélu, who joins them backstage. Every member will have to wear 5 T-shirts on which character's names are registered. After every piece, they remove a T-shirt letting appear the following one.
Julien is rather distant with us and speaks little, difficult to figure him out for the moment, his very meaning face often changes. Sometimes radiant, he can at times, to close completely. On the other hand, with his pals, he jokes a lot and does not take himself seriously.
The concert time comes, Julian Goldy goes through Playboy to kill the time. In front of the Museum of modern art, the crowd cram. In the entrance, we filter people, too much : Julien is suspended from his mobile phone to get back the list of the guests clamped in front of the door. It is Nicolas, their manager who will save the situation by going down and gets them. Julien, impatient person, will not wait that everybody entered and goes on stage. The other musicians joins him one by one.
The room is very dark, and if we see badly the band, we hear it perfectly. Linsay, although 4 months pregnant (and sick), is full of energy and appropriates the stage beside Goldy.
The set is relatively solid in spite of some mistakes, but the whole sounds really well. Among compositions, the band slide a cover version of Kaiser Chiefs, I predict A Riot.
A little lower down, a cocktail party is organized, and already a good part of the public pounce on the open bar.
After the concert, Dig Up comes down too to have a drink. We cross the BB brunes, with Karim decked out in a plaster who announces us the cancellation of several concerts because his broken arm. We find Thomas and Ben, then Charlotte later at night but also Elodie Bourgoin, the miss meteo of Canal, Tété, Pierre Guimard or Frédéric Beigbeder …

Wednesday, November 28th :
The next day, we find Dig Up under the bridge Alexandre III, in Showcase during a charitable evening for the benefit of the association Vague d'espoir. They have to close the evening.
In changing rooms, the atmosphere is less happy than the day before. Linsay and Julien do not feel well and leave to the local pharmacy to hope to find a wonderful cure there. We stay together with Guillaume de Molina and Julien Francioli, all of that is very new for them. Hardly 1 year ago, they turned in bars, and here they are now surrounded with journalists in the changing rooms of one of the most hype place of the capital city. Rehearsals become scarce and the band meet finally only on its few showdates. While he proclaimed itself as a Belgian band to joke, it is from over there that its fame began to take off. They had a tour recently in Belgium beside Sharko, and thanks to the good agreement with the label Bang, Dig Up was able to be made a good reputation with the public Belgian, of which they are very proud.
2 hours later, Julien and Linsay are back. At the end of moment, Julien seems more relaxed and we begin finally to have a real dialogue. Finally, we understand very fast his urge to master his picture. Having known a fame quickly, he also experimented the bad sides of the gutter press. Little by little, the singer confide a little more in us, explaining that he would like to put this strong fame post Nouvelle Star in the service of his band. He declared moreover in Playboy to be interested in the comedy. Reality or contrary intended to divert attention? In spite of his looks of extrovert dandy, Julien is reserved and does not wish to be advanced. Moreover, his registration in the broadcast of M6 aimed only promoting his band. " I went there with Dig Up Elvis's sticker on my ukulele to make speak about my group. It was only a plan of communication at first ", he said in 20 minutes. And even after his victory, Julien keeps going. He never forgets to make promotion by raising proudly a Dig Up Elvis badge on each of his appearances TV. And he takes his pal Guillaume to accompany him in the guitar on the TV. The release of the single Lolita took place only to have B side with the version way Dig Up Elvis. The occasion for Julien to offer to the group its 1st recording in a pro studio.
In the months to come, the quintet plans to record an EP 6 titles and to keep going on tours to progress. Julien entrusts us that the combo has still to improve and that the best school is the stage. The release of Julien Doré's solo album combined in the pregnancy of Linsay postpone everything at least in the next summer. The time for the group to write some new pieces - for the moment, about fifteen pieces are finished and only 9 titles are really solid.
In perfect leader, the front man writes texts and composes all the melodies, the group then place some arrangements on it. He admits us moreover to be directive, even before La Nouvelle Star, and briefs them before the interviews. The combo, from his part, answers the questions of and another media. Julien Francioli multiplies the wrong leads for the journalists. After the interview, Dove Attia, jury of La Nouvelle Star, comes to encourage Julien. 3 photographers people hurry up to capture this moment. Julien, annoyed, makes them go out unceremoniously.
The set of Dig Up Elvis is the same that to the Museum of modern art, but the public is very different, the applause are rare. The band, a little confused, do not give all that it could do. On the last piece, Julien pushes down the writing desk of Linsay on the foot of the woman singer, who leaves rashly the stage because of the pain. This incident abbreviates the concert. In changing rooms, the group is very disappointed and regrets almost putting it on. In spite of the birthday of Tiste, the atmosphere is not for the party and Dig Up Elvis is apparently very sad of their performance, nevertheless absolutely correct."
Scan from:

Creative Commons License
Translation / Traduction by Lorelle
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