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RTBF – 11/06/08

Jean Pierre Hautier has a dialogue every day with a guest who makes the cultural current events. To punctuate this magasine in the air of time, columnists of the print media, radio or television give with passion and humor their vision of the world.
On Wednesday, June 11th from 9 am till 10 am, he welcame Julien Doré, the winner of the Nouvelle Star 2007 concerning his first album "Ersatz".

JPH: my guest this morning, a French singer, I would say rather an artist, if you agree Julien Doré.

JD: with big pleasure!

JPH: artist rather than singer?

JD: yes, I agree with this point of view, what allows me to cross many tracks!

JPH: first CD "Ersatz" we are going to speak about it in some moments. I remind that you won the Nouvelle Star 2007. But before you had formed all the same some groups: famous Jean Ormesson … You became all the same a star Julien from day to day. Were you able to manage that? Or did you need time all the same recovering from it?

JD: no, the healthiest way to manage that, it is not to try to understand too much what takes place. The luck chance for me, it is because there was time. As any exposure at some point that calms down and that allows every thing to resume its place and the excitement is pleasant one moment, but the excitement it is also some gas and the gas evaporates and at the end of moment we return to the plain water!

JPH: On the other hand, you participated in this TV broadcast with a lot of derision. I mean not to the first degree isn't it?

JD: except when I was on stage and when I interpreted the titles. I was not in the first degree when I made the arrangements of pieces because I did choice, I did attempts which amused me. But on the other hand when I had the stage, the musicians, the live, I was in the first degree with a physical involvement and a very spontaneous energy without ever laughing of whoever.

JPH: ah I do not say that it was of the mockery behind. There is some derision.

JD: the humor and the derision allowed me to protect myself a little out the stage, during the broadcast, but out the stage. But at the time of the stage, I felt a little...not at home, but I felt that there was less danger. Even if there was an image, sound, but I managed to define the zone to be able to have fun there.

JPH: then you win, you become a star. Since then, when we read your interviews, we have the impression that you enjoyed blurring tracks … You are not a singer as the other one..

JD: I don't know, it is rather disturbing because after the broadcast if we question me, we ask me questions about just my participation in the broadcast, what that represents, I had a position of former candidate, victorious candidate, but former candidate, thus it is difficult … I really waited to have the possibility of being able to speak about a project. There, I was present just a little to be present … That makes a little the old pokers people which are just there because they are physically recognizable in some or such evenings, but it is in no way what I wish to do in my life.

JPH: you spoke since this broadcast. You explained whom you are, what you wanted to do, that's right? It is can be that when I told to blur tracks! That gave an image which wasn't can be the image of the Nouvelle Star's winner, isn't it?

JD: I do not know. Can be that my urge and the places where I wanted to express myself were can be not in the established codes. But finally …

JPH: you have a surprising image Julien Doré. I am going to tell you an anecdote. Yesterday evening, I listened to your new CD. My daughter who is 18 years old passes, says to me " you listen to what? ". I say to her: Julien Doré, the new. She says to me " Ah yes, the dandy singer who thinks he is clever … I like him! " (Laughter) I found that formidable! Singer: all right, Dandy: OK, check "who thinks he is clever" humm, but " I like! " It is that which is extraordinary. You have all the same success and it is not only because you were elected the sexiest man by the magazine "Elle"

JD: no, that also it is something that I pirated myself, from the inside of the magazine (Laughter)

JPH: it is you who settled everything! (Laughter)

JD : I settled the Miss France’s election too ! It’s necessary to know it !

JPH: what I like, it is " dandy singer " not?

JD: yes, in fact what is funny, it is that I, my artistic family, it is also people as Dutronc or Gainsbourg. And there is always something who can be embarrassing in the performance, in such interview … Here is. I do not too much know how to be situated with regard to that. I am rather reserved, I think of having had a correct education on behalf of my parents, It is never to make insult to people who welcome me and certainly not to people who listen to me either. I do not know, I am like that. Then sometimes, it is my way of expressing myself or of singing in one way or another that can make feel such or such thing.

JPH : But there is other names which come again in your interviews Julien. There is Christophe, there is Bashung, there is Arno... And you said at some point “Finaly, they are not really singers, they are more than singers”.

JD : Exactly. I don't take the liberty of saying that of my simple opinion, it is themselves who say it … It is for that that I was delighted by posture of artist and of status assumed of artist, rather than that of singer. That allows to cross many zones. Christophe, what he makes with his voice today, it is the experiment. He has a voice which becomes an instrument. That spread over several years and several albums. Arno, him, he hates the working notion by speaking about music and singer's notion, because to sing, singer of song it is not what interests him and it is not this role that he wants to assume. And it is indeed when the art meets the life and a sort of more raw reality. We really realize things.

JPH: then this first CD, well, no more offbeat cover songs " Like has Virgin " or "Lolita", but there is all the same " SS in Uruguay " which is all the same Gainsbourg, but not very known because this album " Rock around the bunker " was released in the time, I remember it, really discreetly, he was not welcome well by people.. And there, here you release except this one, original compositions? It is a little bit stressful, isn't it ?

JD : It’s very stressful !

JPH: there, you print at once your mark

JD: exactly. And beyond just the mark, it also is to print and to try to pass on values that can be we didn't know from me. When we just spoke right now about covers or about an attitude to the Nouvelle Star, there that comes directly from my hands, from my head.

JPH: this CD has the title "Ersatz". Why? Because we are in a world where there are too many Ersatz, weak copies which are successful or which have some power.

JD: yes. It is exactly that, it is a political title.

JPH: it is a good title! Ah yes! It is committed at once

JD: it is how as artist, how to produce a artwork in a society which has more and more difficulty to welcome it, because of a speed, of an efficiency and of the need ceaselessly of an explanation, a language or a critical speech which must be absolutely associated with this work. It is a little the complexity..

JPH: that remains difficult but I have the impression that that becomes more and more difficult

JD: there where that becomes dramatic, it is that beyond even of the artistic production, what is more difficult now it is the industry of the disk, all the mechanization. Then when, even the cogs begin to have problems, we wonder how to start again producing? But it is can be even necessary for the artistic production.

JPH: at the same time, that goes so fast, we speak about your new CD here now, but if it takes place in 3 months or 4 months - I do not wish it to you - but I mean, there will be the others … While 30 or 40 years ago, it was slower, and can be easier then for artists.

JD: I do not know, but then reason furthermore to benefit best of things which take place, without asking too many questions and without wanting too much to conceptualize or to intellectualize what arrives at you. I think that it is important.

JPH: I do not know any more who said: " the big enemy of the art, it is the good taste ".

JD: yes, but then in that case, there is a great deal of artists at the moment in the French song!

JPH: (laughter) It is Marcel Duchamp who said that rightly! (Laughter)

JD: Here is!

JPH: I know that you like him. We are going to leave with an extract of this CD, "compulsory figures" (les figures imposées), two words on this song?

JD: it is a title of the group Cocoon and it is the piece which speaks volumes with few words and I like very much this title.

JPH: thank you Julien, I will say to my daughter that you are really a dandy but that you don't think you're a clever in no way!

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