Ersatz, Julien and the others

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PostPosted: Tue 3 Jun - 04:46 (2008)    Post subject: Ersatz, Julien and the others Reply with quote

As a lot of people, I was able to listen to short extracts of Ersatz (and what frustrating it is ! As much for the listener as for the artist, and particularly Julien Doré, who must think of the album as a global work, which is succeeded only if we listen to it in its entirety).
Some pieces surprised me, quite as the single " The limits " surprised me.
He, who says clearly that he will never sing variety, without criticizing however the artists who sings her it, Julien Doré who tells to do everything not to fall into the trap of " the commercial song ", in the first listening, quite incomplete, I admit, of certain pieces, we can be wondering… I said myself, you should not trust in some seconds, let us wait for the album. Naturally.

It is interesting to read the observations of the artist about his own album.
In his comments, Julien Doré explains the importance of every song and its context. That helps. We understand for example, that he is the messenger ( by appropriating them naturally) of words of the others. We know, for those who followed him during the New Star, that he knows well how to make it.
He also worked the orchestrations to make them his and take them in his universe.
And his universe seems to me definitively film. That would not amaze me to see one day Julien Doré's live with Cinématic Orchestra, which he moreover quoted some months ago.
Julien tells us stories, he takes us there where he wants that we go with him and his compositions. There is not only music, there is an atmosphere, a feeling. We know that we are in his place. And at the same time, it reminds us many references, about others who opened ways before him. Some are moreover annoyed, to listen to him always to quote his references, and to speak about codes.
But music is a language of which we have to learn not only the alphabet, but also the words. To speak or write, we use words which the others used before us. But the way of sending back these words and of putting them together to express our own vision is personal and unique for eachone and identifies us.
Julien integrated, mixed, digested texts and melodies of the other young artists to make them integrated parts of his album, a complete work. It will be the carrier of each. But nevertheless we recognize what born from him and what is not. At least, for certain pieces, those who are not of him.
That Ersatz shelters lighter, more amusing melodies and especially more evident, it is indeed. Julien says it himself " It is effective ", and it will allow can be to interest more people who will go to see him on stage. And moreover, Julien manages to give a sense to their difference. As for " The imposed figures " which the melody which we remember as soon as the first listening would be something " imposed" to meet the expectations of a public, record company and to to succeed.
With " the limits ", he literally transformed the piece by a completely exceptional clip with which he manages to connect a light song to the cheerful melody in a darker, deep and more personal album.

What is more annoying, it is that for a first album expected from everybody, from fans, from enthusiasts, but also from professionals, these different colors in the tone and the style will be connected to him. It will be easy to most large number of people to say " Julien Doré, he is that" both for the style and for the content (texts). But he will come through there with elegance, certainly.

Julien Doré stands with a lot of talent and class in front of and in this show business always by making the opposite join themself. And it is in it that personally, he impresses me and seduces me. He transcends the common and the predictable through his emergent art.

I like the Rockmag’s paper and their criticism :

You will have understood it, it is not thus with his band from Nimes that Julien made this disk, but with independent triggers, themselves infiltrated in the showbiz. The purpose: try to slide there not subversion but quality. Produced by Renaud Letang, Ersatz moves thus clean and incognito under the features of a pop-folk song big status to re-flog softly critical observations and feelings more dark, melancholic. Then certainly, we lost the nutty rocker of the Pavillon Baltard, but in back we get a James Bond in the service of the variety, then openly, we are going to follow with interest his following adventures.

Julien would be certainly magnificent James Bond, and we recognize by him well to pull young talents in his fame and its buzz, still very young.
It removes not at all the talent and the spécificity of these " independent traggers", on the contrary I would say, because they distance themselves in what they are and what they make. And naturally, these collaborations enrich the mutual talents, that of Julien Doré as that of his partners on the album.
But it is good, to my opinion that he writes for him and for Dig Up Elvis a lot. Because it is he and only him who will be identified and judged through what he will pass on with Ersatz and after Ersatz.
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PostPosted: Mon 16 Jun - 23:14 (2008)    Post subject: Ersatz, Julien and the others Reply with quote

I had not seen this topic before. It is sharp;-)...
Thank U Lorelle!
Ali No War
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